Six A6 sized art prints in an envelope

Six A6 sized art prints in an envelope

  • Six A6 sized art prints in an envelope
  • Size comparison with the book

Postcard print pack - 6 miniprints

Price 29,00 €

6 different postcard mini prints (size a6) and a nice envelope that they come in.

I made these for the launch of the first printing of SSSS book 1 years ago, and sold about 500 packs before I closed the shop. I kept a bit over 100 packs that I was meaning to sell once I'd open my own shop again one day, but they've been stored in a box in my closet for over 5 years because I never reopened my own shop. Until now! So here's a pack of the very first SSSS-merch ever printed!

In stock

-6 prints

-size: A6 (postcard)

-Comes in nice envelope

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