May 6th 2021: SHOP IS OPEN AGAIN!

The Lovely People book has arrived from the printer and is available for sale! Volume 3 of SSSS is also in stock. The books are mailed from Finland by me myself (so your book(s) will be packaged with much care!) and I'll drop off orders at the post office 1-2 times a week, more often when possible! International shipping is available to most countries!
Note on international shipping May-June 2021: shipping is really slow right now! International mail from Finland that normally takes 5-10 days to arrive is taking weeks. Please don't be worried if your parcel's tracking seems to be at a standstill at one scanning place for many many days, that's just how it is at this time as packages have to que for connecting flights as routes are cancelled.

"Lovely People"- comic

The printed book version of my comic "Lovely People" is here! It's a small, cute hardcover, with the title in silver foil.

"Stand Still. Stay Silent" - comic

I have copies of volume 3 of "Stand Still, Stay Silent" (my postapocalyptic Nordic webcomic) for sale too. These are the ones from the small batch I self-published last spring, to offer cheaper shipping for people living near Finland, and customs-free delivery for pople in the EU, but people elsewhere can buy them too. Hiveworks Comics is the main international publisher of "Stand Still. Stay Silent", and they stock volumes 1, 2 and now 3. They are planning on starting prduction on volume 4 late 2021/early 2022.
~~The Hivemill webstore for SSSS books~~

Note for anyone who was waiting to buy books 1 and 2 directly from me: that will probably not happen. I made the plans to reprint vol 1 and 2 for my shop before corona happened in 2020, and hoped it'd be viable to resume those plans this year, but It's not. So Hivemill will remain the place to buy the SSSS books for the forseeable future.

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